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Limitless is committed to creating a regular and sacred space for you to connect within yourself, amplified by the power of others joining in community to do the same in silence.  


The experience allows you to connect into You, and serves as a reminder that you have all the answers inside yourself and life can be that simple if you let it. 


Limitless is a creation of the heart . . . intended to create a sanctuary to empower you to unleash your potential.  

View of Meditation Garden

Jacqueline Rinehart

I want to make a 'spiritual' experience feel 'real', and serve as a practical tool for you to live daily life to its fullest.


With the embrace of the Hawaiian Islands joined with meditation, sound, and crystals, I create an alchemical space with you in community.  


Together we support you to awaken to your gifts and be the You that you came here to be.  

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