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Why Meditate?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Why meditate?

Do you ever find yourself asking why meditate? What are the benefits of meditation? These are all valid questions when thinking about meditation.

While meditation has been known to help address symptoms like anxiety, overwhelm, stress, and depression, the benefits of meditation go beyond that. Meditation allows you to connect into yourself, and provides a space for expansion, peace, and self-knowing. 

When you tap into these aspects of your inner self, you gain additional support to address any life symptom.  You also have the opportunity to connect into the core of you where all the truths, answers, and possibilities are yours to access.  If used to its full capacity and with intention, meditation takes you on a self-discovery of endless possibilities and unleashes all parts of you…and ultimately frees you to be yourself in balance and harmony.

Depending on your intention, meditation can support the spectrum of your desires.  It’s all you.

For additional insights into the benefits of meditation, feel free to read an OutwitTrade article in which I comment on the benefits, along with 37 others at

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