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How do I Prepare to Meditate?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Meditation is a self-tailored experience. It is up to you to create what works best.

The key to meditation is to simply allow yourself to surrender into relaxation and the stillness of the moment, and open your heart in love to what comes up to support yourself. Just be.

Some folks like to add to the simplicity of ‘being’ with environment niceties and intention setting, with tips listed below. Create and experiment with what works best for you…listen to yourself and allow the optimal setting for you to come forth.

Tips for the Environment:

Some people like to sit in a soothing environment with their favorite things around them like candles, yummy smells (oils, incense), crystals, flowers, extra cushions, and dim lighting. Others like to show up wherever and connect to the themselves. Some folks prefer to be in nature and just relax into a peaceful place.

Tips for Intention Setting:

You can prepare an intention in advance, create one in the moment, or simply be in the broader intention of self-discovery. And if intention setting isn’t for you, simply allow yourself to relax and be.

Remember, the key is just ‘being’.

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