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I am here to partner with you to connect within yourself and discover the true freedom that lies within.  Everything is inside of us . . . peace, truths, direction, and guidance.


Through the tools of meditation, sound, and self-awareness, we journey together to allow you to access a deep connection within.  From this place of stillness, you can start to feel a sense of peace and expansion that allows more clarity and grounding into your life.  Depending on your intention, you can use this expanded state to go deeper and begin to feel a sense of who you are and how you want to be.  As you go further, you can awaken and become.  It’s all you.

With the gentle embrace of the Hawaiian Islands, our sessions are imbued with the Aloha spirit:

  • Be in the presence of life and appreciate it

  • Connect with and experience nature as a partner in life

  • Choose love always

The Limitless Intention

Every Limitless meditation is enveloped in an intention to support you in going within, discovering stillness and the voice of yourself, and journeying as deep into freedom as you desire.   

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